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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lakshmi Puja Vidhi

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What you will need for this Lakshmi Puja.

A clay image of Goddess Lakshmi.
Red Flowers
Incense Sticks
Choice of fruits
A raised platform to place Mata Lakshmi.
Sweet made of Pancha Khadya – Dates, Rasins, Powdered Sugar, Poppy seeds (Khus Khus) and Coconut
Decorations for the platform with cloth, lights etc

There are following proper steps to perform puja-

Step - 1 
Dhyanam ( Meditation ) - is the first Procedure to Perform any Pujan. Dhyanam is the Prayer or the Meditation process in which we should chant Lakshmi Mantra.

'' Ya Sa Padmasanastha Vipul-Kati-Tati Padma-Patrayatakshi,
Gambhirartav-Nabhih Stana-Bhara-Namita Shubhra-Vasttariya,
Ya Lakshmirdivya-Roopairmani-Gana-Khachitaih Svapita Hema-Kumbhaih,
Sa Nityam Padma-Hasta Mam Vasatu Grihe Sarva-Maangalya-Yukta ''

Translation - Mata Lakshmi, sits on the Lotus flower, has beautiful big eyes like lotus petals, Who has broad waist and deep circular navel, Who is bowed with bosom weight and decorated with upper garment made of beautiful cloth, Who has taken bath with divine golden-pitchers encrusted with jewels, O lotus-armed Shri Lakshmi, please dwell in my home forever with all fortune and good luck for me.

Step - 2
Avahana (Invocation) is the Second step to do Ganesh PoojaIn this proces you invited God to come into the place of Idol.This is called as Avahana or Invocation. At the time of Invocation we should recite Ganesh Avhana Mantra.

''Aagachchha Dev-Deveshi! Tejomayi Ma-Lakshmi!
Kriyamanam Maya Pujaam, Grihaan Sur-Vandite ''

Step - 3
Offer Seat  -  In this Step is to offer Seat to Mata Lakshmi. As, In this processes offer a New, clean, Asana to Goddess Lakshmi to be seated..Asana should cover with red color cloth .

Step - 4
Washing of feet  -  The fourth step is to wash the feet of Mata Lakshmi gently by pouring Water as he gets sited. In Hindi this procedure is says 'Paadya'.

Step - 5
Washing of hands in Sanshkrit 'Arghya'  -  Arghya is the fifth step when the Mata Lakshmi is sited and his feet are washed then we offer Water to wash his Hands.

Step - 6
Offering Drinking Water, this is called in sanshkrit 'Aachamana '  -  Then we Offer drinking water to Mata Lakshmi in his Mouth that is known as Aachamana.

Step - 7
Bathing with Water or panchamritas, / Snana  -  Wash Mata Lakshmi idol with Panchamruth i.e. Milk, Yoghurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar, Sandal Powder as offering Bath and then Sprinkle water.While offering Panchamruth recite this Mantra-
  1. Offering milk and Chant  ‘Aum Shri Lakshmi Namah Payah Snanam Samarpayami ‘
  2. Offering curd and Chant  ‘Aum Shri Lakshmi Namah Dadhi Snanam Samarpayami‘
  3. Offering Ghee and Chant ‘Namah Ghrut Snanam Samarpayami‘
  4. Offering Honey and Chant‘ Namah Madhu Snanam Samarpayami’
  5. Offering Sandal Powder and Chant,‘Namah Sugandhi Snanam Samarpayami’

Step - 8
Offer New Clothes to Mata Lakshmi, which contains Red Cloth'.

Step - 9
Offer Sandal Paste, in Shanskri Gandha.Make a Paste with Sandal wood and put it to the forehead of God Ganesha and chant Mantra -
‘Aum Shri Ganeshya Namah Itram Samarpayami’.

Step - 10
Next to offering Flowers to Mata Lakshmi , that is called 'Archana'. Now reciting his 108 names and offer one flower of each name.

Step - 11
Light Oil Lamp to Mata Lakshmi which symbolize bringing of Light into Life. In Sanskrit,this procedure is called 'Deepam'.

Step - 12
Offer Incense, after offering Flowers, to spread its fragrance.This is to say,'Dhoopam'

Step - 13
In this step You offering Specially prepared food, fruit,sweet,..this is 'Naivedyam ' in Sanskrit. Offer Sweets, Fruits to Mata Lakshmi which is known as Naivedyam.

Step - 14
Offering Betel Leafs and Nuts, its called in Shanskri 'Tamboolam'

Step - 15
Next Step to do, Read the lyrics of the popular Mata Lakshmi (In Hindi Aarti)

Step - 16
Now Chant Mata Lakshmi Mantra

Pushpanjali Asana
After Mata Lakshmi has been invoked, take flowers in in hand (by joining palm of both hands) and leave them in front of the Shri Lakshmi and chanting following Mantra.Pushpanjali Mantra -

'' Shri Lakshmi-Devyai Aasanarthe Panch-Pushpani Samarpayami ''

Mantra Translation - O Goddess Mata Lakshmi! Please take the seat which is decorated with gold and various types of jewels for my pleasure. Thus, I offer five flowers for the seat of Bhagawati Shri Lakshmi.

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About Mata Lakshmi

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In Hindu mythology 'Goddess Lakshmi' is known as the Goddess of Wealth and the divine consort of Lord Vishnu. 'Goddess Lakshmi' protects Her devotees from any financial worries related to family life, business matter, etc. Her importance in the Hindu religion is said to be prime as the divine prefix "Shri" (also written as Shri) is written on the top of any document before beginning the writing process.

'Goddess Lakshmi' is also the symbol of beauty, fertility and auspiciousness. She is the daughter of Sage Bhrigu and is the symbol of wealth to the Gods. When Gods were sent to exile due to the curse of the Sage, Durvasa that all Gods would lose their power, She took refuge in the ocean. For gaining immortality and defeating the asuras, the gods started churning the ocean in search of a powerful elixir, Amrit which would provide them immortality, glory and immense power. While churning the ocean there were many treasures that surfaced and Goddess Lakshmi was one of them. She took rebirth from the process and came out with a garland which she used to choose Lord Vishnu denoting Him as the divine consort and helping him to maintain the universe's wealth.

According to Vishnu Purana  that Goddess Lakshmi had to leave Swarga due to the curse of Durvasa and reside in Ksheersagara and after Samudra manthan  re-emergence of the Goddess Lakshmi.

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is seen in many forms. The major forms are – with Lord Vishnu where she is massaging the Lord's feet and the other form which is widely worshiped by devotees. In this form Mata Lakshmi is depicted as beautiful woman who has golden complexion, four hands and is graced on a full bloomed lotus that represents purity. The four hands actually are a denotation of the four ends of life that represent – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Goddess Maha Lakshmi is always seen in a beautiful red saree that represents activity in the world. There are two elephants shown standing and spraying water from their trunks. The elephants are a symbol of devotion that doesn't stop ever and with true dharma, wisdom and purity, one can appease Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is also called as "Mata", which means Mother Goddess who provides prosperity to everyone.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by every Hindu and has become a household name when it comes to praying for wealth and prosperity. The Diwali festival has an auspicious meaning to Her worshipers. It is said that on the night of full moon She Herself visits each home and blesses the devotees with wealth and hence the day is called as Lakshmi Pujan day. In the evening of Lakshmi Pujan people keep their homes brightly lit with a lot of lamps and keep the doors open as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi can walk into any home where She sees lights.

Mantra for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi:
There are so many Mantras are available to praise the Goddess. Here you find few of the most simplest and effective Mantra for quick prayer.

Mata Lakshmi Beej Mantra:
"Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhyo Namah"

This is the basic root Mantra or the most important mantra to please the Goddess Lakshmi and open your heart towards her for her blessings.

Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra:
"Om Maha Lakshmi cha Vidmahe
Vishnu Patni cha Dhimahi?
Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat"

This is a prayer to the Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Please accept the prayers of your devotees and provide them with abundance.

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