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Shri Krishna Mantra

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Lord Krishna is the Supreme Person. Lord Krishna appeared over five thousand years ago in Mathura, and lord shri krishna is well known as the avatar of god vishnu. he is the lord of the wealth, happiness,
prosperity, and the protector of humanity and religions they supports the truth and he is the destroyer of evils and demons.Here you watch some powerfull Krishna Mantra, which increase your prosperity, also  happiness.

Mantra -
'' kleem "
'' Gopijan ballabhay swaha "
'' Shri Krishnah Sharanam Mam  "
'' Om namo bhagvate vasudevaay "
'' Shreem hreem kleem krishnaay swaahaa  "
'' Hreem shreem gopijanvallabhaay swaahaa "
'' Om namo bhagvate rukmaniballabhaay swaahaa "
'' Shreem hreem kleem krishnaay govindaay swaahaa "
'' Kleem krishnaay govindaay gopijanvallabhaay swaahaa "
'' Om aim shreem kleem praanvallabhaay sauah saubhagyadaay shrikrishnaay swaha "


हिन्दीमे -

 भगवान कृष्ण आजसे पांच हजार साल पहले मथुरा में जन्म लिया, और प्रभु श्री कृष्ण भगवान विष्णु के अवतार के रूप में जाने जाते है । वह दौलत, सुख - समृद्धिका स्वामी है,और मनबता, धर्म के रक्षक हेऔर बुराइयों करने बाला राक्षसों का विनाशक है। यहाँ आप आपकी सुख,समृद्धि, वृद्धि के लिये रोज जप करने बाले कुछ शक्तिशाली कृष्ण मंत्र, देख सकते हे

श्री कृष्ण मंत्र -
" क्लीं ''
श्री कृष्णः शरणं मम ''
श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं कृष्णाय स्वाहा ''
गोपीजन बल्लभाय स्वाहा ''
ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय ''
ह्रीं श्रीं गोपीजनवल्लभाय स्वाहा ''
श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं कृष्णाय गोविन्दाय स्वाहा ''
ॐ नमो भगवते रुक्मिणीवल्लभाय स्वाहा ''
क्लीं कृष्णाय गोविन्दाय गोपीजनवल्लभाय स्वाहा ''
ॐ ऐं श्रीं क्लीं प्राणवल्लभाय सौः सौभाग्यदाय श्रीकृष्णाय स्वाहा ''

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Islamic Yantra for Success in love

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This is one of most exclusive I slamic vashikaran yantra (Nasqs) for use in success in love.  This charm is said to work for gaining the love of a friend, a lover of the opposite or same sex, love of the life partner. A specific experiment is conducted using this love charm which is said to remove any obstacles or problem which have cropped up are preventing or delaying a love marriage; such as opposition from family members and relatives.

The procedure to make this yantra is very easy. Yantra has to be prepared on a blank white piece of paper. For drawing this yantra use a metallic pen make with silver or gold and using a paste of mixer Kesar and Kasturi (Saffron and Musk) as ink.

In a auspicious day according to Islamic calender after bath ware fresh dress and sit in clean place drawing this. keep it in a clean place and try to dry it.

After some time keep it in your left palm, cover with right shows in below picture and concentrated. pray to God to fulfill your wish.

After prayer Yantra has to be immersed in a river near by you. Everyday. This should be done for a total of 13 days continuous and one such Yantra has to be made and immersed in a river.  After the conclusion of 13 days the practitioner is said to gain success in love; that’s what the Tantra says.

Please remember that this Blog  gives you information in good faith to benefit the general people by way of Indian Vedic Mantras and Remedies. However we cannot responsible for its success or failure'

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Islamic attraction mantra for attracted Men

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In our Vedic Tantra Vidy there are so many 'Vashikaran Yantra' which are use for attract Girls and Boys , but in this post today you find one of most special Islamic Vashikaran Yantra', which is works only to attract men.

In mordern days most of family, where womans, feels that her husband or boyfriend has in relation / love with another woman/ For that reason they are feels that a difference in their relationship between them .

This Yantra also helps the married and unmarried woman to retain their love .

Essential Ingredients are bhojpatra, saffron, and pomegranate wooden stick.  

Procedure to make this Yantra'.

At first you collect a 'Bhojpatra'. and a pomegranate wooden stick.
Make some paste saffron and water.
This Yantra has to be drawn on a Bhojpatra which is looks like above image with Saffron Paste.

Procedure will do in a auspicious day according to Islamic Calendar, at night.
After bath wear fresh cloth, sit in a silent place.
Make some paste with mixer of saffron and water.
Draw this Mantra' on ''Bhojpatra' with saffron paste,
Use a pomegranate wooden stick for writing this Yantra.

After drawing this Yantra keep it in a clean place on a wooden tools, and woman should offer plenty of Dhoop or Incense Stick to this 'Yantra' also pray her wish and after that bury this 'Yantra' in a desert place.

Try to bury as deep as possible because, as long 'Yantra remains buried inside the ground, desired man remains under your control.

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Sri Krishna Mantra For Wealth, and Prosperity

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Lord Krishna is the eight incarnation of God Vishnu and also the only avatar or incarnation of Supreme God Vishnu who is termed as purna or full incarnation. Worshiping Lord Krishna invokes higher frequencies in the sadhaka and helps attaining every desired goals in life. This Krishna Mantra is practiced especially for getting wealth, money & prosperity.


"Om Shreem Namah: Shri Krishnay Paripurantamay Swaha"

Procedure of  Mantra Sadhana 
  • Always Mantra Sadhana will start in any Monday Moonlit half of lunar month.
  • Sin in silence place facing north.
  • After bath or wash or hand and feet Wear yellow clothes for this purpose.
  • Lit a pure ghee lamp in front of Lord Krishna.
  • Offer  Lord Krishna plenty of incense & flowers.
  • Chant 4 rosary of this mantra everyday.
  • Do this mantra sadhana for consecutive 10 days to get the divine grace of Lord Krishna.                 

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Bhoj Patra an article to use in tantra vidya

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Bhoj Patra / Himalayan Birch Tree is widely found in the Himalayas. This is not a big tree it is a middle sized tree, with very distinctive bark which peels off in very thin, almost transparent strips.

Male flowers are born in catkins which hang in bunches at the end of bare branches, or with young leaves. Female flowers arise in solitary spikes. Leaves are 5-8 cm long, ovate, fine pointed, irregularly saw-toothed, finely hairy when young. Flowering: April-May.

Bhoj Patra / Himalayan Birch Tree distinguished by its white to brownish bark Bhoj patra is well-known for the use of its bark for writing in ancient India. The tree is

Scientific  name of Bhojpatra is.  Betula utilis .

Common name: Bhoj Patra, Himalayan Birch,

In Hindi - Bhoj patra ,
In Bengal - Bhojpatra,
Tamil - Bhurjjamaram, Purchcham .
Malayalam - Bhujapatram, bhurjjamaram.
Telugu - Bhujapatri .
Kannada -  bhuyapathra ,
Sanskrit - bahulavalkalah, bahupata, bhurjapatraka
Nepali - Bhoj patra .

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kundalini Chakra

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Aura Chakra
The Aura Chakra is ‘The electromagnetic field in air, the psychic field of energy surrounding all beings in earth, like human or otherwise. Its covered varies from a few inches to max feet in all directions.

It is conducted with the health, mind of the physical body, and all the organs impact the strength and the size of the aura chakra. It includes and is impacted by all the elements, and its colours vary and change depending upon the mental, emotional and physical states.

Human Challenge and Gift - to experience one's energetic self.

Soul Desire - Individuation and identification with human's Soul.

Primal  Relationship - with Self and Soul.

The Sahashrara or Crown Chakra, is located at the crown or top of the head, baby's soft spot. Its name means "thousand petal lotus".

It is associated, in the body with the pineal gland & cerebral cortex, with consciousness and beyond the elements, and with the colors white, silve and the quality of luminosity.

Human Challenge and Gift - to tune into and surrender to divine consciousness.

Soul Desire - to connect with and utilize infinite energies, to know the unknown, to experience the transcendental meaning to life.

Primal Feeling - oneness, bliss.

2.  Third Eye Chakra Internal Reflection

Third Eye Chakra ( Ajana ), is located between the two eye brows in the inward, center of the forehead. Its name means command, perception, knowledge, authority.

It is associated, in the body parts with the pituitary gland, eyes, brain, with the element light and also beyond the elements, and with the colors purple and indigo.

Human Challenge and Gift - to move from dualistic mind to intuitive neutral mind.

Soul Desire - to focus the mind, where one-pointed clarity and peace automatically occur.

Primal Relationship - with inner and cosmic knowledge.

3.  Throat Chakra Claim Your Voice

The Visudda or Throat Chakra is situated in the throat, at the base of the neck between the collar bone and shoulders, at the site of the reptillian brain or lower brain stem. Its name means pure.

It is associated, in the body with the throat, ears, thyroid, parathyroid, with the element ether, and the color royal blue.

Human Challenge and Gift - to fearlessly express our truth and hear the sound of the universe.

Soul Desire - to be heard and understood, to transmit and receive the Truth.

Primal Relationship - with our vibrational connection with all existance.

4.  Heart Chakra Clarity and Purity

The Anahatha or Heart Chakra, is located at the heart. Its name means unstuck, fresh, clean unhurt.

It is associated, in the body with the heart, hands, arms and thymus gland, with the element air and the colors green, pink, and rose.

Human Challenge and Gift - to open our hearts to the nonjudgmental, detached vibration of universal love.

Soul Desire - to experience unity, devotion, reverence for life, unattached bonding.

Primal Relationship - with higher spiritual power, our own heart and the hearts of others, the pulse that unites us with the universe.

5.  Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located, as its name suggests, between the navel and heart, at the pericardium (below the breasts at the V of the ribs). it's name means "Seat of the Soul", or solar network.

It is associated, in the body with the stomach, with the elements fire and water, and the color deep gold.

Human Challenge and Gift - to transmute the energy of the emotions into soulful passion for life i.e. fear into love, anger into action, sadness into surrender and bliss

Soul Desire - to experience the depth of emotions and transmute them into passion and devotion. To activate our soul.

Primal Relationship - with our soul and emotional body

*Although traditionally there are 7 major chakras, the spine and even our subtle body contain many other chakras. Through meditation on my spine and body I experienced that the solar plexus - the area above the navel and under the heart-contains energy and offers experiences and powers very different from the navel chakra. Explore yourself and share with me what you discover. (GKK)

6.  Navel Chakra

The Manipuraka, or Navel Chakra, is located some 2-3 inches below the navel. It's name means "jewel of the lotus" or "lustrous gem".

It is associated, in the body with the small intestine, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, with the element fire, and the color yellow.

Human Challenge and Gift - to connect with our internal source power and energy

Soul Desire - to ignite, connect with and focus physical energy

Primal Relationship - with internal source of power, identity, status

7.  Sex Chakra

The Swadisthana, or Sex Chakra, is located at the sacrum - the pelvic area between pubis and navel. Its name means "abode of the vital force" or "dwelling place of the self.

It is associated, in the body with the genitals, reproductive organs, and bladder, with the element water, and the color orange.

Human Challenge and Gift - to bond and connect with others without losing our identity.

Soul Desire - to freely expand - to effortlessly create.

Primal Relationship - with other human beings, emotions and emotional body, inner child, wildman or wild woman.

8.  Root Chakra Connect to Body and Earth

The Muladhara, First or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine, at the perineum. The name means support, or foundation.

It is associated, in the body with the large intestine, feet and legs, with the element earth, and with the colors red and maroon.

Human Challenge and Gift - to feel safe and secure in the physical plane, to manifest to meet our basic needs.

Soul Desire - to feel nurtured and nourished, to experience belonging to the whole.
Primal Relationship - with physical reality, the Earth, natural forces, body, feeling sensations.

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